I'm a computer science and linguistics double major at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. I'm passionate about using my skills for civic tech and social justice. I write about my journey towards writing good code and understanding my place in identity politics on my blog.

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What I Do

Web Development

I have experience developing web apps in a variety of stacks.

Software Engineering

I write clean code in a variety of different languages and have worked with a low-level RISC architecture.


I have experience iterating on user feedback and developing personas.

Creative design

I have experience with branding work and typography for clubs on my campus.

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January 20, 2017

Protest Surveillance Self-Defence

I write to ask you to consider the implications of the president-elect controlling the vast surveillance state apparatus. Securing our communications has become a form...

November 09, 2016

Let's Heal

I have a question to those of us who won’t be stopped and frisked. I have a question to those of us who won’t be...